A Rewarding Career

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1.1- The career fields that I would like to possibly study are:
Nursing- I enjoy helping people and trying to make things a bit easier for others. Nursing is also a very challenging career field and it also pays well.
Teaching- Teaching is a very rewarding career. I really have a soft spot for children in general and believe that teaching the youth affects the future of the world.
Psychology- Psychologists can make a difference1 in the lives of others and the career offers flexible working arrangements.

1.2- Nurses are on the frontline of health care delivery and form the core of the health care team that includes doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, pharmacists and many more. Daily nursing care is a blending of science and technology
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And once you have the skills required for a nursing career it opens many other opportunities for you.
There will always be a high demand for nurses in hospitals, homes, old age homes or even retirement villages. It teaches you a lot more than nursing skills. It is also a very big field and therefore has many jobs available.

1.6.4- The reasons for unemployment in South Africa and globally are: Trade Unions- A small increase in wages for unskilled workers/labour may result in a bigger decrease in the demand for unskilled labour.

Lower Productivity- The production output by workers has decreased significantly since 2003, but the cost of production has increased. Many businesses will or have retrench/retrenched skilled labourers to cope with costs.

Cheap Imports- Local textile manufacturers cannot compete with cheap Asian countries. This leads to losses and retrenchments of workers.

HIV/AIDS- People who supper from AIDS are often absent or unemployed. People cannot take their places because they are not properly skilled to do the
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• Family responsibility leave- Section 27 expresses that the employee are entitled to three days paid family responsibility leave per year. For example, the death of Lisa’s mother.
• Overtime- Section 10 expresses that an employer should not permit the employee to work overtime except only by an agreement.

2.3- The BCEA is extremely effective. It regulates working hours for employees and makes sure that they get paid for overtime. The BCEA ensures that employees are protected and is therefore proven to be effective.

2.5- The employer’s behavior was unethical. He treated Lisa in an improper and unfair way. Example: He’d make her type out his personal notes. Also he would never give her a break.

2.4- The motivation was that a child was defined as being someone under the age of 18. The change is that now a child is viewed as someone under the age of 15.

2.6- Lisa could form a complaint and lay it on the employer and take it to the Department of Labour. Inspectors could then go to the company and eventually investigate the

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