Benefits Of African American Education

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What is education? Some people might say it is knowledge and development, other might say it is the field of study that deals mainly with mainly with methods of teaching and learning in schools. To me, education it 's the process of receiving or giving systematic instructions, especially at a school or university. Why were educations for African American children so inferior? One reason was, Southern schools were different from Northern schools because they were segregated. Blacks and Whites had to attend different schools, because of segregation the systems therefore was not equal. Schools for white children received more public money, because “to allow local school districts the power to levy taxes for school funding were defeated at every turn and efforts to assess higher property values for taxation met a similar fate.” [ Harvey].…show more content…
Second reason was few African Americans were enrolled in school. “Blacks children were often kicked out of school because they were needed on the farm many of their parents were sharecroppers. To plant and harvest enough crops, sharecroppers’ children had to work alongside their parents.” [Crow ]. Third reason was even if black children were not needed on the farm, the white owner of the farm might pull black children out of schools even if he decided they were needed for
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