Benefits Of American Imperialism

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A Modern Day Imperial Power Presently, the presence of injustice, disorder, and poverty are all problems demanding a need for an active imperial power to solve them. Throughout the past two centuries, America has emerged as a capable modern day imperial power. As an imperial power, America has the ability to spread its economic, cultural and military influence internationally, majority of which benefits foreign nations. Likewise, imperialism is a widespread concept amongst existing and rising imperial powers due to the beneficial impacts it has on everyone—for example, economical, political, military, growth and cultural benefits. America’s ascent in strength and power was driven and motivated this imperialistic interest for everyone, having grown to become one of the most strongest forces in the world, it is a moral responsibility for America to aid less fortunate nations and people. American imperialism has proven to be beneficial for American citizens, foreign nations, and the US government, therefore, it is crucial that America remains an imperial power in the 21st century. The valuable impacts American imperialism has on foreign nations is credited for saving, helping and improving the lives of many globally every year. As worldwide conflicts arose throughout history, America resolved to increasing their military capability in order to sustain against these conflicts. Their military capacity soon grew to become the strongest in the world, and it is only fair that as an
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