Benefits Of Animal Experimentation

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Throughout the centuries, medical doctors have researched on live animals to find cure to several diseases which affect both the animals and humans. Even though many people endure this practice as noble, some people still look down at animal experimentation as a cruel and inhumane treatment to animals. The government has already authorized animal experimentation to mitigate the unrest by those people. In fact, The Animal Welfare Act covered most lab animals, and provided guidelines for pain alleviation during procedures, food, and housing. However, the government still has to take more action to spread the awareness about the benefits of animal experimentation (Person). The federal government needs to expand legislation of animal experimentation…show more content…
Medical doctors discovered anti clotting drug for treating hemophilia by performing vivisections on dogs (BENEFITS).The anti clotting drug has been highly effective as when observed, it replaced the missing clotting factor as needed when bleeding occurred (Dogs). The efficiency of the drug has improved significantly in recent decades, and most people with hemophilia can now live a normal lifespan, with excellent quality of life (Dogs). Regardless of such noble contribution of animal testing, the newly innovated creation of Wyss Institute, an organ on chip, attracted many people as the device can stimulate the functions of various human organs and claimed to use it as an alternative to animal testing (Mimicking). However, being a recent creation, organ on chip is not a reliable resource, considering the its age and comparing it to the traditional animal testing along with its credibility to handle…show more content…
The practice has granted a new life to hopelessly ill patients, modified medicines and made the surgeries fruitfully creative. New alternatives to this practice are in making, but considering the rate at which doctors are fully developing them, the society is still years away from bringing up something that can totally eradicate the traditional animal experimentation. Just like every other scientific practices, animal experimentation, too, becomes a success only after many trials and errors, causing a loss of few innocent animal lives. However, those numbers do not seem as a burning concern when compared to other industries that depend on animals. According to statistics, food animals kill 56 billion animals in the USA which largely differed from the 25 million of animal experimentation (Laws and Regulations). When living in a planet where animals loose lives mostly by being eaten than using them for welfare, how can animal experimentation be a cruel
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