Benefits Of Artificial Selection

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Artificial Selection Bananas are soft, chewy, and easy to peel. They are sweet and good for your digestive system. Surprisingly, bananas are not naturally made this way. In the wild, bananas were not easy to eat, they were oval with tough thick skin and hard seeds. In order to cut them open you would need a sharp knife and you had to spit out the seeds while eating them. People started to collect seeds from sweet, soft, and thin bananas to grow banana trees. Similar to humans, bananas pass on traits to their offsprings. A seed from a sweet banana will produce sweet bananas, just as a blonde parent is more likely to produce a blonde child. Over generations of breeding, bananas with desirable traits were bred and encouraged to grow, while bananas with…show more content…
fatter, more bitter and thicker ones) were tossed back into the wild, where their chances of survival were much lower. As a result, bananas with hard seeds and thick seeds are no longer available and are only found in the wild. And we only have sweet and soft bananas sold in grocery markets. Artificial selection is when people intentionally choose the best and most desirable traits and reproduce more of it. The benefit of artificial selection is that humans can control the development of a plant or animal by choosing which beneficial traits to emphasize during breeding, such as obedience in dogs. The opposite of artificial selection is natural selection which is the survival of organisms that are best suited to their environment and they pass on their genetic traits. Which increase the number of
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