Benefits Of Autonomous Cars

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The Reasons Why Autonomous Cars are Detrimental
A new way many want technology to advance is self-driving cars. Many people say that they will help our society, while others have their doubts. After years of only being a concept autonomous (self-driving) cars are almost ready to be used by all (Kuper). There is a major debate between individuals on this subject. They are comparing many reasons that will influence our choice. These people are arguing about autonomous cars and questioning whether they will be beneficial or detrimental. Some believe that autonomous cars will be beneficial because of the how they will reduce of the number of accidents. On the other hand there are many other important variables that lean towards one answer. There
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Without a human as a variable in a car collision the number of accidents that occur will be reduced occur. Studies show that, “In 2015 35,092 people died in road accidents nationwide . . . if these people had been riding in driverless cars many of these accidents could not have occurred” (Kuper). Driverless cars are better than humans in the sense that they will not get distracted. While on the other hand humans are constantly distracted while driving and: texting, daydreaming, making calls, and listening to music. This is a valid point for why driverless cars are beneficial besides the fact that in order for the number of accidents to be reduced the vehicles on the road must be one hundred percent autonomous cars. In order for the accidents to be reduced humans would never be allowed to drive again. This means that, “. . . to have . . . reduced numbers [of accidents] all vehicles on the road would have to be autonomous” (Kuper). Not everyone has enough money to buy a driverless cars because of the expensive machinery that the car comes with. Others enjoy driving and will be hasty to give it up. Still many do not trust technology, and some even fear it. This transition between cars that we have today and autonomous vehicles is going to take a long period of time because of all of those reasons. While driverless cars may seem like a good idea there are many complications. In addition to this they are only beneficial if all of the requirements are followed. Which the hardest requirement by far will be getting everyone to give up their car for a driverless

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