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Seven Bad foods for your fitness goals Your diet contributes more to your body weight than almost any other thing. If you want to achieve an ideal body weight, and look lean and trim, you need to do more than only working out. This is because your choice of food might be hindering the success of your fitness training, and you might get fed up and leave the gym altogether. To help you eat better, here are some foods you need to avoid to make your fitness goals come to reality. Dried Fruits Dried fruits are more concentrated with sugar and calories because water has been removed from them. With fresh fruits, one gets full quickly, and the body gets a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber. When eating dried fruits, however, you may eat up a whole…show more content…
But do you know that frosting is packed with sugar and trans fats which have been linked to many health issues? High sugar diets are calorie dense and can lead to increased body weight. Tran’s fats reduce the amount of good cholesterol in the body and raise the levels of bad cholesterol. They can also cause belly fat and many diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases. Soda While we all love to indulge ourselves once in a while, soda drinks are not supposed to be part of our indulgences. According to dieticians, a can of soda contains about ten packets of sugar. While the recommended daily sugar intake is about six teaspoonful, a can of soda gives you way more than that. What this excess sugar does for your fitness goals in serious. You will grind yourself to pieces at the gym and still get no tangible results. Ice Cream Are you a serious fitness enthusiast? Then you shouldn’t be taking these sugary delights. Ice creams contain a large amount of refined sugar, fats, and calories, and all these are anathema to your fitness objectives. For the best results from your workout regimen, reduce your ice cream intake or cancel it from your diet…show more content…
With healthy eating habits and the discipline to stay away from bad foods, you will become the lean and trim person you’ve worked hard to be in no time. Five Benefits of Strength Training People engage in strength training for different reasons. It could be to build more muscles, lose weight, and get a trim frame and so on. Strength training, however, has a lot of benefits for everybody of any age. Studies have revealed that exercises involving the lifting of weights are of immense benefits to our overall health. To be honest, pushing weights can be daunting at first, but with practice, you will get to enjoy the many benefits of strength training. Here are five benefits of strength training to spur you to action. Helps to burn more calories: Apart from the calories lost during the lifting of weights, strength training can also help you burn more calories when you are not exercising. This is because building muscles use up more calories than the building of body fat. So when you lift weights, your body is primed to produce more muscles, and it burns more calories while you are at your daily routine activities, even when you are

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