Benefits Of Becoming A F-35 Pilot

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I was eight years old when my brother decided to enlist in the navy. I thought what he did was brave and inspiring, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I am sixteen years old now and I still want to become a naval officer, more than ever now because I know what to expect and know what the navy is. Becoming a naval officer, specifically a naval aviator, is a commitment I am ready for. It is a risk but a risk I volunteer to take for my country. My ultimate goal is to become an F-35 pilot. The thrill of feeling on top of the world, being able to see everything and nothing at the same time because you are going so fast, and being able to pass through enemy lines without being caught in the radar is thrilling and risky. Many obstacles crossed…show more content…
I learned that everyone should fail early and often because time is your best asset. from a young age, your greatest asset is not your talent, not your ideas, not your experience, but your time. It is my time to have the opportunity of taking big risks and making big mistakes to learn from later in life because I know they will strengthen me for the future. Focus on current goals and build from every goal you reach until you manage to reach your ultimate goal in life. A goal I recently met was becoming an officer, specifically a supply officer after four years in the NJROTC program. I have earned the leadership role I hold from lots of tireless hard work and dedication. Being an officer is not easy, they come with many great responsibilities to keep track of. Supply officers’ jobs are to keep the unit looking organized, sharp, and fresh. We also set a great example for the rest of the unit, especially underclassmen. We motivate the underclassmen to dedicate themselves on what they desire to fulfill in the NJROTC. My current goal is to guide the underclassmen to a better opportunity for their

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