Benefits Of Being Bilingual

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Can you imagine how it feels like to be a bilingual and the benefits it brings to your life?Bilingualism that was once considered a handicap, has proven to be beneficial for both children and adults. Many studies have found benefits of being bilingual or being to speak more than one language. Speaking another language can mean that you pay attention better and can be multitask better than monolinguals because we are constantly switching from one language to the other language. Even though some studies have proved that bilingual children may initially fall behind between three to five years of age, they soon catch up and outform their peers at age seven. Next, being bilingual can help you become a better cultural understanding, which make you become more open minded and more culturally respectful to new things and new experience because there are always more than one view of the world. Furthermore, being a bilingual can open up many opportunities to meet new people, enjoy different hobbies and…show more content…
Being able to interact with people from different cultures is a huge social advantage and can open up so many doors in life. Besides, being a bilingual can be helpful when traveling. Obviously, now a days we can travel many countries without speaking the language. Yet it will make your experience much more enjoyable if we do not need translation apps, travel guide book or tour guide . Can you imagine how much more you can experience if you speak the local language of the place where you are visiting? Lastly, being a bilingual can be valuable in your workplace. Speaking another language has many employment advantages. Communication is important in workplace and many companies put great value on bilingual employees due to cost of interpretation, efficiency and accuracy in interpretation

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