Benefits Of Being Healthy Essay

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A hectic lifestyle, busy work life and a long list of responsibilities makes it difficult for anyone to stay healthy. To be healthy doesn't only mean staying fit physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Reworking your diet and daily routine would let you live a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy is a process that involves time, efforts and commitment. Following health tips for a healthier body would make you fit - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Making a fitness routine

1. Exercise Regularly: Exercising daily makes you active throughout the day and is beneficial for your body. Regular exercising is one of the most important steps towards healthy body and mind. It decreases the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other heart problems.
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Going to a fitness class in a week can give mental health a fresh boost and lead to high fitness results.

Having a healthy diet

1. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies: A healthy diet is full of nutrients and vitamins. Add spinach, carrot, blueberries and pineapple to your diet.
2. Add low-fat dairy products, lean meat and whole grain: As good as fruits, you need to add some other stuff to stay balanced. Choose lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy products instead of high fat milk, cheese and meat. Brown bread and whole grains are better, if it's white means it has been processed.
3. Cut out processed junk: If it's in package then it's not a super food for you. Health Department doesn't recognize the food labels and phrases like "All Natural", "Pure" and "Additives Free". These are the claims that companies make without retribution.
4. Drink water: Stay hydrated and it will keep every part of your body healthy. With this, you can lose weight too. Drink purified water as tap water contains chlorine and fluoride which are not good for your health. Water flushes away metabolic wastes and toxins from your

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