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If you have ever drunk beers or eaten cheese, that means you have experienced the benefits of biotechnology. Biotechnology is the process of using living organisms to make products that benefit human such as wine and bread. It does not only benefit our daily foods, but our sciences and other aspects also. As a result, this essay will describe how other aspects benefit human, how the biotechnology was built and created many jobs for people.

There are several different types of biotechnology that benefit human. First, microbial biotechnology is the process of using microorganisms to create better enzymes and organisms for many foods, vaccines, insulin, growth hormone, beer, wine, and possibly bioweapons. Second, agricultural biotechnology provides
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Then, animal biotechnology is that animals can be used as "bioreactors" to produce important medical proteins such as antibodies (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). It also utilizes as model organisms for the basic research as gene "knockout" experiment which disrupt a gene to observe what functions are affected. Next, forensic biotechnology is the study of DNA fingerprinting which detects a unique DNA pattern to convict criminals. It also uses in paternity cases, tracking, and confirming the spread of the organisms such as tuberculosis and E.coli (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). Bioremediation is the process of using biotechnology to clean up environment pollution, which causes of industrial progress. One of the most clean-up event is the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989. Aquatic Biotechnology uses aquaculture to raise shellfish and finfish in controlled conditions as food sources. Bioprospecting is the efforts of traveling around the world to discover aquatic organisms so that they can be utilized for commercial purposes. Medical biotechnology is utilized to prevent and treat the human disease conditions and develop of vaccines and drugs. Human Genome Project is a genetic testing to identify defective…show more content…
Laboratory technicians are responsible for duties such as cleaning, maintaining equipment used, and keeping the laboratory fully stocked with supplies. It often requires B.A in science or B.S in biology or chemistry (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). And, research assistants or research associates, who require B.S or M.S in biology or chemistry, are responsible for performing the experiments under direct supervision of the principal or senior scientists. (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). Principal or senior scientists, who require PhD and experience in research, are responsible for planning and executing the research, being the spokespeople for the research, writing progress reports, applying for grants, and serving as advisers (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). Bioinformatics are computer experts with molecular biology background. They are responsible for analyzing and storing DNA and protein data (Thieman & Palladino, 2013). These new companies need quality assurance and quality control workers to monitor equipment, facilities, testing product samples, and addressing customer inquiries and complaints. They also need to have a business team such as marketing, selling, finance, and legal division (Thieman & Palladino,

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