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Coaching can be a useful retention tool, an employee development aid, or something that helps with employee performance issues. It can cover every topic one can imagine. Coaching will enable a supervisor to correct an employee’s behavior, improve retention and create employees who can be promoted. It may sound like a catch-all for performance, and maybe it is. One thing to keep in mind though, coaching is for correction, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all about overbearing instruction. It’s also about supporting and challenging your employees to keep them focused and working at the top of their game. Explanation of Coaching Coaching is frequently made up of three parts: technical help, personal support, and individual challenge (Fort Wayne Metals 2010). It can be used to correct a variety of performance issues. Accordingly, coaching is used at the discretion of the manager or supervisor. Most of the time, the…show more content…
For one thing, I will have the advantage of learning from someone in the organization who can impart needed skills to me. I will also be able to improve my performance in a meaningful way, as the coach can help me to understand what I’m doing wrong, as well as what I’m doing right. This will have the added effect of increasing my viability for promotion. The benefits of coaching for an organization outweigh the time and effort of coaching. Retention is highly important, especially in these days of extremely low unemployment rates. Finding new people and training them can be prohibitively expensive as well as negatively affect company culture (Managing for Employee Retention 2017). Another benefit is improving communication. Through improved communication, the business will benefit from the top down and it will help the bottom line. Coaching is integral to keeping employees on track, to increase their effectiveness and in doing so, to improve the organization.

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