Benefits Of Cold Water In The Morning Essay

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6 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water First Thing in the Morning
Most of us are guilty of craving for coffee or tea in the morning. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s still better to start our day with warm water on an empty stomach. The problem is that we prefer drinking cold water rather than its warm counterpart.
This is unfortunate considering the multitudes of health benefits that drinking warm water first thing in the morning can do for our health. Ayurvedic medicine indicates that making this a daily morning habit can help heal the body as it gives digestive strength and decreases metabolic waste that could have accumulated in the immune system.
Moreover, doctors also generally recommend drinking warm water in the morning, typically
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Drinking warm water in the morning can change that as it helps improve your bowel movements. It also helps address constipation while disintegrating foods as they pass through the intestines. When your bowels are in normal functioning, your body also returns to its standard capacities.
3. It helps reduce pain
Warm water can also help with pain alleviation. From menstrual cramps to headaches, a glass of warm water can help deal with the unpleasant sensation brought by the pain. This is because the heat that comes from it is believed to have a relaxing effect on the abdominal muscles. This can help deliver immediate respite for cramps and muscle spasms.
4. It helps lose weight
For those who are on a diet, it’s important to know that drinking a glass of warm water in the morning can help you shed those extra pounds. This is due to the fact that warm water heightens body temperature, which results in the metabolic rate increasing. When there’s a boost in the metabolic rate, your body is able to torch more calories.
5. It helps improve blood flow
When you drink warm water, the fat deposits in the body are eradicated along with deposits that have built-up in the nervous system. Hence, this gets rid of toxins that are flowing throughout the body, which improves the circulation of blood.
6. It helps stop premature

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