Benefits Of College Bound Scholarship

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How does college affect us? How should we prepare for it? Well, college graduates are living longer and healthier lives, more likely to stay employed, more likely to enjoy their work, and earn $20,000 a year more than an average high school graduate. Additionally, if you live in Washington, a program called " College Bound Scholarship ", will help you prepare for college by, providing a representative to share out his/her experiences in college, sharing out tips, and most importantly a scholarship! Overall, in this essay I'll be attempting to explain how I will be prepare for college and how to use your representative from the program to help you prepare for college. To start off with, if you’re a junior or senior and eligible to apply for…show more content…
As long as you are eligible and meet the requirements you will receive a scholarship to help pay for your college. In order to sign up for this, you must be in middle school and turn in the paperwork. In order to be eligible you will need to fulfill the scholarship pledge which is, graduate with a 2.0 GPA or higher in high school, have no felony conviction, apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA or WASFA, This form will help not just students but their guardians as well. If this program is to encourage students who might not consider college because of the cost to dream big, it would help parents as well. For example, a parent may worry it's their fault for holding their children back, but since college bound is here, their anxiety can be reduced. This will help students prepare for college instead of preparing for nothing. In my opinion, college bound scholarship was a genius idea. I state this because of many reasons, First of all, this reduces anxiety a parent might have. Like I said before, a parent might feel responsible that their children is not going to college and feel like it's unacceptable and work maybe 2 jobs to get the money. This is not healthy as it create stress and discomfort in the family. Secondly, the student can stop worrying about how to get extra education. This is probably the most important because the student can start preparing and…show more content…
To prepare for college is simple, work hard. When I say work hard, it means balancing out fun and working hard. If you're working too much, it unhealthy, But the same goes if you're having to much fun. If you can balance those two out, you are working hard and you will be successful in college and in general, life. In my opinion, if only the program " College Bound Scholarship" would spread worldwide instead of just Washington, it would boost college graduates very quickly I bet, Overall, college bound scholarship helped me think early about how I should prepare for college and how they send out college coaches ( representatives) was
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