Benefits Of College Education

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Have you ever wondered if you should go to college or not? Have you ever had a hard time deciding? Right now, about 20 million Americans go to college. Also, the degree - attainment rate reached 40 percent in 2014. Moreover, most college graduates thought college was worth it and were happy with college. College education should be mandatory because higher education leads to a higher chance to get employed, because college graduates are healthier, more active, and prepared, and because college provides many opportunities to interact with professors and peers. Firstly, college education should be mandatory because it leads to a higher chance to get employed, get better wages and be satisfied with the job they want. According to a survey conducted by the Lumina Foundation, there are 700,000 more jobs requiring some college or an associate degree compared to before the Great Recession in the U.S. (“A growing need, an ongoing commitment and a sharper focus on boosting postsecondary attainment”). This means that people who have a college degree have a higher chance of getting employed. Furthermore, according to The Hamilton Project, from the data gathered in 2008 to 2012, it could be said that over a lifetime of work, a graduate with a bachelor’s degree would earn over 500,000 dollars more compared to a person with a high school diploma (Greenstone, Looney). This indicates that earning a college degree would benefit the individual for their whole life. In addition to this,

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