Essay About Making College Free

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Making college free would benefit the nation greatly, making the unemployment rate and dropout stats go down with tuition being now affordable. College being free will make fewer people who foresee other help along with people being able to do what they want without being thousands of dollars in debt. Colleges need to make education free for anyone dedicated to becoming something.
To start off, free tuition will allow the student to concentrate on their studies and not jobs or debt. Most student going to college or in college have to work part-time jobs to pay for their car payment, phone bill, food, and school tuition. This proves that students are not putting all their time in their college and education what this means is less than 50% of the focus is on completing college
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For student coming from a lower social class they already have the burden of people doubting them and coming from a family who has not done anything and or didn 't have the opportunity to. This proves where you come from should not decide how your life is going to be based on your parents mistakes, disadvantages or income level. Whether your parents are wealthy or you 're certain ethnicity should not matter if you could to pursue your dreams of your dream occupation or going to college. feeling for everyone they should be able to go to college and get the same level of education as any social class. For a low-income or middle-income person who might see tuition drop and hopefully we see community college become free. This illustrates how is Community College was free it would give everyone an equal chance. If College was soon-to-be free many problems would disappear such as the unemployment rate and even the dropout rate because of college being free. lastly having College be free would help the three social classes come together and be as one with an equal education giving everyone an equal
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