Benefits Of Concentration Camps

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What might it of been like to be in a concentration camp? Concentration camps were used mostly during wars against countries to imprison enemies they captured. Concentration camps were actually illegal, and inside the camps people would be treated horribly and sometimes killed, these reasons might be why their illegal. So how were the people in the camps treated? Some prisoners would work as slaves to benefit the concentration camp owners. The Nazi camps forced some prisoners to be slaves, sometimes just to work them to death and take things off of the slaves. Nobody was safe from being a slave, even the children and elderly would be slaves. The countries during the war would also have slaves to benefit them in the war. People were forced to be slaves for many reasons, like working then to the point of death, or to speed up production of weapons or other items for wars. But things got much worse for prisoners in concentration camps. People were also treated as if they had no self worth, and weren 't very important. One example of this would be that the Nazi camps would work sick people to death, which is saying that they are this unimportant that they would use what 's good of them and let them die, then take anything valuable off of the dead body, gold teeth, possible money, etc. Nazis also created death camps which were used specifically for…show more content…
What 's it like for people in these concentration camps, that have been etched into the mind of many and used through generations illegally? Some prisoners that were illegally captured were forced to work as slaves in the concentration camps. People were also treated like they weren 't important, and their opinion didn 't matter.and everyone was given the exact same treatment. Women, children, and elderly were treated this way with bad food and living conditions. Things could be worse without concentration camps, but could also be better. Today in history, they are a doubled-edged sword, they can be good and they can
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