Benefits Of Conformity In Society

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In society, conformity is very common to see in many different situations. It is seen in groups of friends,cultures, and even through strangers. It can be shown in numerous ways, positive or negative. Conform means to comply to rules or standards. Throughout life, conformity and its ideas are good for society because it creates companionship,organization,and tradition. Conformity and the ideas that surround it have many benefits for people because it creates company for others. The opposing side may argue that conformity does not create companionship,but they would be very mistaken,conformity brings people together which allows them and the people surrounding to grow relationships with others. All throughout life kids will learn that “Conformity is part of adolescence, and some of it is normal,” said Ms. Sherman, who prefers the term “peer influence” to “peer pressure.” “It’s how teenagers learn the rules of how to communicate and how to develop relationships.”(Rabin) With conformity comes a lot of communication which can be shown through speaking or actions ex. Along with this, many people tend to get along better because they can relate to them or they act alike . “It is seen even in today 's world that we generally get along better with people similar to ourselves, conformity can give this illusion that we are more like others as we do as they do and reap the benefits.”(Peutherer) Overall, conformity has many benefits in society and it also has a lot to deal with company
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