Benefits Of Consumerism

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Consumerism has always appeared as a part and parcel of our modern life. No matter which country you lived in, the benefits of consumerism are always available. Consumerism had apparently pervaded our everyday lives and structures our everyday experience yet its reasserting its influence in different form. Every day in the developed world, there will be some relationship with consumer goods. Consumerism might be known as an answer to our problem, an escape from the mundane reality. Some city centres are also sites of consumption like our home might be described as temples to the religion of consumerism; our lives apparently amount little more than a comparison of diverse consumer styles and tastes. From this, we can know that we are indeed what we consume. But this might not be the case as we things we consume might be merely what prescribed to us. The fact that our lives are not solely determined by our relationship to means of production or to where we work is sociology of consumption. We had neglected the impact of consumption due to the emergence of the dominant social relations in this contemporary society. Consumption has for long been view to be little more than a by-product of production. Consumer goods thus have a significant role to play in the experience of social life. Consumer goods and services allow us to construct our social lives, in terms of how we use the goods and services and how we relate it to others. However, Consumption and consumerism are
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