Objectives Of Corporate Governance Essay

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Introduction The aim of this paper is to bring out the background of corporate governance, various issues, objectives, factors of Corporate Governance, strategies that are being followed in organisations, benefits of Corporate Governance. The term corporate governance, each individual may take corporate governance in a different way. As in today's time when so many frauds, corruption cases by big corporate firms are going around, it is high time for implementation of corporate governance .As corporate governance includes a fair efficient and transparent administration in an organisation .It is about protecting interest of shareholders and fulfilling all obligations towards stakeholders and promoting corporate fairness and transparency and accountability. Corporate Governance defined by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) as Corporate Governance deals with laws, procedures, practices and implicit rules that determine a company’s ability to take managerial decision vis-à-vis its claimants in particular and its stakeholders. There is a global consensus about the objective of good…show more content…
To deliver significant commercial value to the business while fully compliant with regulatory laws. To build an environment of trust and confidence amongst all the stakeholders and to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure operations are efficient, consistent. For a firm success, it needs to focus on both economical, financial and social aspect. It needs to be fair with makers, shareholders, customers, consumers. It has various responsibilities towards employees, customers, communities and at last towards governance. It ensures reliability and continuity of information systems and information. As it contributes to effectiveness and efficiency of business operations. Generates goodwill among business partners, consumers and investors and earn respect from society at
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