Benefits Of Death Penalty In South Africa

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Introduction This paper will explore whether the death penalty should be utilised in South Africa or not. South Africa is credited as a country with high crime rates and corruption. Will the death penalty end crime in South Africa? Will the death penalty be obscured by the corruption in South Africa’s government? The death penalty will be looked at in terms of its benefits and its drawbacks. The death penalty is the execution of criminals who have committed heinous crimes, such as murder. We are determining whether criminals should be punished with the same crime they have committed or whether they should live on. Should we execute criminals in order for justice to be served or should we let them live harder lives in prison? Are we being hypocritical when we execute criminals or are we taking retribution for the victim of the murder? Is it costly to utilise the death penalty? Is the death penalty really a deterrent? Does the death penalty really provide closure for families of the deceased? All of these questions are going to be answered by experts, as well as regular bloggers on the internet, on the issue of the death penalty. Statistics will be looked at in terms of age, race and gender of the people placed on death row. Practicality of the death penalty will be assessed in the context of these questions. Morality will be put into the question. Literature Review The death penalty features a number of benefits and drawbacks which is what makes this such a heated topic for
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