Defensive Driving Strategies

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Defensive Driving is a manner that can be utilized to practice safe driving strategies which enables drivers to address obstacles in a most predictive manner. These strategies are beyond the instructions of standard traffic laws and procedures. With a proper defensive driving knowledge drivers can improve their driving skills and the probability of risks reduced as they anticipate tough situations and make the right decision instinctively. These decision making abilities help them read the on road environmental condition and risks that come along with the situation.

Why Taking a Defensive Driving Course?

There are many benefits of taking a defensive driving course. It mostly depends on each state own traffic laws. These benefits often include
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A report says about 40,000+ people die every year because of car accidents with over 3 million injuries. As per the surveys conducted by various independent authorities, it has been reported that about 35%-40% of such accidents were caused because of alcoholic reason and about 30% because of over speeding.

The objective of a defensive driving course is to reduce the risk of fatal accidents by educating the students about immediate judgment making and driving with excessive caution. Having a defensive driving course helps save you lot of money spend to fix the car after crashing and in worse case it would help you save your own life.

Human Factors - DUI

Driving under the influence of Alcohol and Drugs can cause server crashes. A common component of all defensive driving courses is to educate about the role and effects of different kind of drugs on human mind and body. Taking drugs while driving can cause disastrous to the driver. The defensive driving course educates the students about the blood alcohol level, judgment changes affected by the drugs and alcohol, consequences if found guilty of using drugs or alcohol while
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