Persuasive Essay On Digital Citizenship

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1. Access

One important tenant of digital citizenship is that access to technology should be available to all. This concept reflects challenges that are present in our non-digital society. Most all citizens believe, in theory, that everyone should have access to education, health care, the right to worship, etc., but the reality of providing these to all citizens of the world is virtually impossible. It is at the root of wars, political divisions and religious fanaticism. It is unreasonable to think that everyone can receive equal access to technology, but it is a noble goal towards which to aspire. Digital citizens should continue to lobby for more digital access, in more locations, so that more people can benefit from it.
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In order to keep the right to digital access, we must strive to always use it in responsible ways. Sadly, when there is abuse of these rights, the solution is often to withdraw all access (for example, a few students abuse the privilege of having a cell phone at school and thus, all students are banned from using cell phones - even if for an educational endeavor). Those committed to the concept of Digital Citizenship must take their rights seriously and their responsibilities even more seriously, setting positive examples and helping guide the integration of technology into new…show more content…
Childhood obesity is epidemic and a generation of children sitting in front of a computer screen is certainly not helping matters. Parents struggle with how to allow their children access to technology while protecting them from online predators and cyberbullying. Fortunately, awareness is on the increase as to how to protect children on both the physical and psychological fronts. I reiterate the point that I made early on in this series of packets - knowledge is power. It is the responsibility of parents and educators to understand the world in which children live, play and study, and they must guide them in being responsible digital
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