Benefits Of Digitalization In Schools

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Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Digitalization as we know plays a vital role in a success of a country, most economic sectors of different countries rely on how digitalized their technologies are, for faster economic growth and efficient and great economic capabilities. Digitalization is seen almost everywhere, from government buildings to bog schools and universities, which makes our lives much easier, for students and workers. According to Heidegger (2010) contemporary digitalization brings back to fundamental ways of existence that of being-in-the world, Heidegger said that this step to the future brings us back to the innovations of the past. This paper is about how and what benefits do digitalization to a school is. St. Dominic College of Asia is one of the most digitalized schools in Cavite, we are about to learn the different benefits of a digitalized campus to a senior high school student Statement of the Problem The study aims to know the different the different benefits of digitalization of St. Dominic College of Asia Campus to the Senior high school students Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What is digitalization? 2. What are the benefits of digitalization? 3. What are the digitalized facilities of the campus? 4. What digitalized facility of the campus would be most beneficial to the students? Significance of the Study The study will be able to know the different benefits of digitalization to St.

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