Thesis About Digitalization

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Chapter I

Introduction Digitalization as we know plays a vital role in a success of a country, most economic sectors of different countries rely on how digitalized their technologies are, for faster economic growth and efficient and great economic capabilities. Digitalization is seen almost everywhere, from government buildings to bog schools and universities, which makes our lives much easier, for students and workers. According to Heidegger (2010) contemporary digitalization brings back to fundamental ways of existence that of being-in-the world, Heidegger said that this step to the future brings us back to the innovations of the past. This paper is about how and what benefits do digitalization to a school is.
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The ontology of the subject in digitalization a book by Anna Croon Fors is about the ontology of subjects in digitalization. Questions of ontology emerge as a response to contemporary concerns about the ways digitalization is transforming our lives (Barad 2010, Hekman 2010, Pickering 2011) Digitalization is increasingly approaching, advancing and embracing the physical, affording the virtual environments to everything possible to digitize (Tilson et al 2010). Digitalization is widely used as an efficient step to a much easier work. In this modern world of constantly evolving technology, researchers today have the advantage of extensive technological resources that allow them to take their questions to a new level. One such resource is still growing, but has already increased scholars’ ability to reach out and use materials that had been once unavailable. Online databases and the digitalization of libraries and museum collections have opened up an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and…show more content…
Dominic College of Asia Campus where most of the facilities is digitalized and it is where students are thought on how to use and how to master a certain technology. The campus is located at Emilio Aguinaldo highway Bacoor, Cavite, 4102, Philippines.

Sample or Respondents The research is intended for Senior high school students and junior high school students who is adept in using technologies digitized by time, the researcher chose STEM students because they are taking on a technological course for their college education
Research Instruments The researcher used interview questions since it will be best for the researcher to know the different experiences of the respondents, interview questions will help the respondents response with full honesty and their complete thought

Data Collection Procedure The research first prepare the interview questions for the respondents, then proceed with the interview together with the respondents, then list or record their thoughts and perception about the different benefits of digitalization of St. Dominic College of Asia
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