Benefits Of Dress Codes In School

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Angel Koehrsen

Requiring students to conform to a dress code is beneficial to the school experience because it helps to reduce crime rate, to resist peer pressure, and it helps students act more respectfully. Having dress codes helps to reduce the crime rate. “Reducing the risk of students being robbed of expensive clothing, jewelry, etc.” (National School Safety and Security Services). If you have a dress code to not bring or wear certain things such as an expensive hat, then nobody can steal it. Having a dress code helps students resist peer pressure. “Principals of schools that have uniforms policies in place believe that students stay more disciplined and focused in their studies and feel less peer pressure.” (NAESP). It helps to prevent bullying because lots of kids get bullied by what they wear or what kind of shoes they have. When some students get bullied by what they wear they get peer pressured into wearing stuff and doing stuff there not comfortable with.
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“Dr. Vaughan pointed out that even school assemblies are quieter because students act more respectfully.” (Viola Vaughan). If you can’t wear certain things or certain brands of clothing then you don’t feel left out or like you 're not as important as someone else because you don’t have the same hat or same shoes as everyone else. When you 're not thinking about being and having the same things as everyone else then you might become more respectful.
Having a dress code is good for schools because it helps students act more respectfully, to reduce crime rate, and to resist peer pressure. Dress codes involve and support these three reason of having this rule. I agree with having dress codes because it can improve grades and

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