Benefits Of Driverless Cars

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What are driverless cars? They are also known as Autonomous cars, a robotic vehicle that is designed to travel between destinations without a human operator. What that means is that soon in our future we could have cars that drive themselves.So unlike in Back to the Future, one of the best sci-fi movies I know, we will not have flying cars and hoverboards but we could have cars that drive themselves.But these cars, are they all we hype them up to be? Do driverless cars benefit our country? I don’t think they will. But I have many ideas of why driverless cars will not benefit our country. My first reason is some jobs will be lost the uber drivers, lyft drivers and so many other drivers will lose their jobs because of these cars. My second…show more content…
Which means more people will have the freedom to do as they please. They will have more time to spend with family and friends and be able to catch up with people they haven’t seen in years. Also a plus for students is that they can finish their homework on the way to school. So those F’s could soon be A’s with these…show more content…
Which means without people motioning when you can turn or where you can turn can cause many cars colliding into each other thinking they have the right of way. Cars will not know these signals or maybe even some signs. That can cause cars to run into each other more. With more car accidents meaning higher hospital bills causing a drop in the economy. Many roads will be empty to almost empty due to these cars being able to get from place to place so fast. We will be able to free up roads and getting people faster to work or school. With these cars going so fast down roads can cause crashes. Which can be dangerous for kids and adults to get from place to place. Also if these cars go faster we run into the chance of running red lights and hurting people. As you can see driverless cars will be driving us into the future of driving. For the good or ther bad we will have to accept the fact that driverless cars will massilvy affect how we will be driving in the next few years or even decades. These cars could change they way we see the world we live in. With fear of hackers, geting connected with family members and hand signals for driving could very much change the world we live in. Thank you for listening and please think of the effects of these
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