Benefits Of E Cigarettes Essay

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The Benefits of E-Cigarettes Humans have grown on probably the worst habit of all time which is smoking tobacco. The amount of people smoking or starting to smoke is rising rapidly each year. Most companies such as British American Tobacco and Japan Tobacco are trying their hardest to improve their sales resulting in big profits. Companies like these have managed to keep the cost per cigarette down but the government are also adding more tax etc. to try and make people stop and not smoke. But people who have smoked all their lives are still willing to pay anything for cigarettes, so raising the prices or cigarettes are not working. Since evolving from the ‘The Classic Pipe’, tobacco and cigarettes are becoming easier to use and also easier to get. According to…show more content…
One of the main reasons is that the smoker can chose what flavour of liquid they can use and can also chose how much nicotine it can contain. A smoker that smokes quite a lot of cigarettes would probably want to choose a liquid containing 24mg of nicotine or near that amount. A smoker who doesn’t smoke a lot would definitely choose a liquid with less nicotine. ‘Vaping’ is also good in my opinion because over time the smoker could slowly cut down in nicotine value and eventually go to 0 mg, basically quitting smoking. An E-Cigarette gives the nicotine to the smoker through the evaporation of the liquid instead of actually burning it like a real cigarette. When the liquid is heated it evaporates and then the smoker can start using it. An E-Cigarette heats up the liquid in a container in the centre called the atomizer and this is called ‘vaping’. Not all but most liquids contain all of these chemicals: propylene glycol, glycerol, ethylene glycol etc. Even though liquids that are used for ‘vaping’ are not harmless, using an E-Cigarettes with some harmful chemicals in them is still safer than real

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