Benefits Of Equality In America Essay

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The benefits of equality in America grant people a path to their goals that every citizen appreciates, and other countries may not permit. Equality allows the citizens the opportunity to partake in education, religion, and chasing your dreams. When citizens aren’t educated the country will not reach its full potential of educating its people. Education embodies the opportunity for you to gain the knowledge and training required to follow your dreams. Given the opportunity, minorities and women can learn, explore, and soak in the same content as the majority. African-Americans before the 1950s did not have access to adequate education to compete for jobs with the white people and due to this reason and many more they became segregated. Over…show more content…
Citizens can join any church or choose to be an atheist. My fellow students and teachers taught me to be respectful of every person’s beliefs. The survival of a country may be based on tolerance of different religious beliefs allowing its people to treat each other equally. In America, knowing I can affiliate with any religion allows me the basic right to worship as I choose and the freedom to express my values. Chasing your dreams is interpreted as a freedom that every citizen cherishes. Imagine working your whole life for a certain dream and then being turned down because you're African-American or a woman. A musician may have excelled in music their whole life but is held back because of their status as a minority. This offense to people’s freedom to pursue their dreams can only be described as insufferable. In my generation, growing up encouraged to step out of my comfort zone has given me the freedom to pursue my passions. The success of my generation is due to the fact that we are all equally able to chase our dreams. The freedoms citizens have in America enable people to strive for greatness. Though the inhabitants may take for granted their freedoms, I know we are truly blessed with these opportunities. Equality is necessary for freedom to exist and
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