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The Benefits of Exercising Does exercise improve your health? Nevertheless it does! Exercising is known as the most beneficial activity you can do for you and your health. Without exercising, you will not be as happy as when you do the exercise. Happiness is sometimes linked from our genes, and many of our behaviors are affiliated with high levels of happiness. Moderate regular exercising should be a necessity for improving your well-being, and stopping depression for society. Throughout this essay, I will be talking about the benefits of exercising, improving happiness, as well as the steps on how to improve your happiness. Throughout the U.S., millions of people suffer with depression. It has been proven that cognitive therapies such as exercise, can improve mental and physical outlooks for many clinically depressed people. In many cases, physical activity has a very important long lasting benefit of involvement, which will help you live longer as well. It has been proven to be more effective than some alternatives like meditating, health training, and any other activities (Source 1). Aerobic and non-aerobic exercises are good ways to stay in shape, based on your physical work capacity (PWC). Aerobic exercises increases…show more content…
They are associated with mood changing and moods of depression. So it is very important to want exercise and release endorphins, to stay in the regular habit, and have permanent positive emotions throughout your lifetime. The reason why aerobic exercise is more effective is because when you exercise, there is an increase in blood circulation to the brain, causing a positive improvement on your mood, as well as your reaction to stress. A study done by Medline, PsycLit, PubMed, and SportsDiscus (Source 1) states that throughout 12 week exercise analysis on some depressed people, they found major improvements, with a 1 year follow up

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