Benefits Of Five Day School Week

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Are students in the United States being overworked by the school system? Traditionally, American schools use a five day school week. The five day week is prolonged and overworks children and teens. Extra days decrease motivation of not only students but staff or teachers as well. Lowered motivation creates low performance, which discourages the students even more. When there is no encouragement, the teenagers often don’t show up to school. The lack of effort correlates to teachers because it could dispirit them from doing work they want to assign in class. Changing to a four day school week can give additional benefits to all parties involved including students, teachers, and the school settings. If a four-day school week was implemented in American school districts, the performance plus achievement for students will increase along with a higher attendance. When certain schools changed their system, improvements were seen especially from Georgia State University when they said, “The researchers found a four-day school week had a statistically significant impact on math scores for fifth-grade students” (Walker). The scores proves that not only high schooler can benefit, but so can younger students with lesser days. Since math is one of the core fundamental subjects, schools want those scores to improve, showing why it is important for them to switch to four days if that is the action that it will take for the enhancement to occur. Linking to superior grades, research from
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