Argumentative Essay: Should People Have Free Education?

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Should people have free education ??? As you see , today we’re going to argue about education for all. Have you ever known that around you,there are still lots of people that unknowledge ??? Did you know because of that ,they have no house to live,no job to do ??? Should everybody deserve to have free education ??These question made lots of headache from lots of people.So,why they always talk about these topic ?? Because this problem effect the country, if it grown better or not ??I chose this topic because I’m interest in it,and I aloso want to learn more while research information to do this topic . Some country in the world like India,America... have free education for poor people. Does Vietnam have it ?? The answer is yes,and no. If there are free classes, they are made by poor people,or some kind person who want to teach other people what they know. And I said no,because these class are not supported by the goverment,look like they aren’t care about poor people . So,what people all around the world think about this topic ?? We will figure it out .

This picture show us how many people finish their education in Morocco in 2005( Morocco population in 2005 was 30.13 million people ) ,the number of no education people are quite high ( about 5.48 people ). But the number of finishing
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I think that is most what people in the world think about Vietnamese education ,and me,as a Vietnamse people,not so proud about it . And lot more people think just like me .The world saw Vietnamese education as a system just teach for who enough money to send their child to
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