Benefits Of Gardening Essay

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The Benefits of Home Gardening

Gardening has been around for literal ages. Since the beginning of life, people have needed food. Therefore, they needed to garden. As time has passed the process of gardening has evolved into a beautiful past-time, but people don’t realize how beneficial gardening can be. There may be various faults in having a home garden, but the numerous benefits it produces outweighs the faults.
Plants are a great option for cheap air filters. “Air cleaners with HEPA filters have been shown to improve symptoms of asthma. However, filtration systems and air purifiers do not reduce levels of all indoor air pollutants, and some types can actually aggravate the problem. A more benign addition to air filtration could be the use of houseplants.” (Claudio) For those with an issue involving with asthma, filters can be a good tool to help, but one must remember that air filters can’t
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Gardening can help lower the poverty rate. “The growing population in many parts of the world has led to increasing poverty and insecure food supplies. The role and contribution of home gardens in addressing these problems have been recognized by development organizations since the 1970s,” (Food and Agriculture Organization) If we were to teach people in poverty how to grow and care for their own food supply, it could possibly save a life. Having a garden saves so much money in the long run.
In conclusion, gardening is so much more than a random past-time. Gardening is so beneficial in everyone’s lives. Gardening not only helps the economy but it also helps the environment. When gardening you realize that the benefits outweigh the

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