Benefits Of Girls Education

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What are some huge benefits of girls’ education ?
Obviously, that girls’ education has so many advantages contributed to a better life makes it becomes a vital part to specifically three main (đối tượng), including girls, family and nation and world.
Most importantly, it is undeniable that educating to girls has a profound impact on individuals as providing early education enables them to discover and develop their own potential which can change their lives in a better way. In the past, the dictatorially feudal system with negative thoughts about women deprived them the right to study and communicate to the world. Instead of going to school to obtain knowledge, medieval girls had to stay at home and do the domestic work from dawn till dusk
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As a result, those girls did not have chance to know what their strength were, they had limited understanding about their right and indiscriminately followed the harsh rules that prevented them from achieving what they deserved to. Moreover, nowadays, although the society has changed in a much positive way, numerous countries are struggling to equip girls knowledge and close the gender gaps because of some remain prejudices about women and consequently, many young girls are still suffering inequality, illiteracy and they do not have enough opportunities to discover their own value. Fortunately, many campaigns have been founded with the aim of supporting girls and bringing equality, chances for them to better education. Let Girls Learn (….) is a grassroots organization and an inspired one which emphasizes on giving girls valuable assistances to access schooling and paving the way for them to find their self-value, their own needs and hopes for the future. When girls access to…show more content…
As regards national benefit, especially in economy, girls’ education is a surefire way to increase the financial productivity. The power of girls’ education on national economic growth is undeniable: a one percentage point increase in female education raises the average gross domestic product (GDP) by 0.3 percentage points and raises annual GDP growth rates by 0.2 percentage points ( There is a strong connection between the expansion of basic education and economic development because once girls have chance to approach literacy, they will heighten awareness about their critical role to the community. At time same time, they might try their best to study with the view to earn higher income to be adequately support themselves and their families and contribute to the prosperity of their countries. (…) Educated girls contribute to the world in various fields with gigantic achievements. Thanks to education, young girls can cultivate their potential, foster necessary skills critical for their future, especially leadership talent. These days, women take on crucial responsibilities in many aspects, ranging from manual work to intellectual one, even some difficult areas which are traditionally managed by male, many of them transfer inspiration, motivation to others
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