Benefits Of Going Back To College

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#2091108 South house College after high school four-year university Ever since you 've been little parents,teachers, and adults have been teaching you to go to college. Ask a kid off the street if they want to go to college when they 're older and their immediate answer will be yes. However, growing up with whatever struggles you go through and how you live your life between the ages 9-high school you begin to realize reality ; you won 't live that dream life of being a doctor, a firefighter or even going to UCLA. Some kids don 't even go to college. After high school the best choice for you is based on what career you want. Getting into four-year university with a math major and ending with a bachelors degree is the best choice for me.…show more content…
Some people might disagree and state you can go back to college any time you want and go for another career you have in mind . However, access to money will be a struggle added on. Most don 't have enough money to pay for college in a short time and pay it off while they are in college. This will result in: jobs, loans ,etc. due to this you spend more money into your education ounce you get out you want to invest in other things like a car , house , kids . Going back to college will make you be in more debt ; meaning you spent a large amount of money on something you didn 't set your mind to . I interviewed a girl named Zarah Soberano who attends mt.sac and majoring I nursing so far , she discussed with me and two individuals about changing her mind of what career she wants. She first wanted to be a nurse, now she believes she wants to be a teacher. I asked her what 's your financial plan ? Her response was " I work part time no one pays anymore". As you can see average students pay for their college expenses , once your old enough parents don 't pay anymore responsibility is all on you . Which means you can finally do whatever you want with your money. If you decided to go to college twice you need to know your
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