Benefits Of Going To College

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Bottom of FormThink of first generation students as pioneers. They are the first person in the family to go to college and explore the unknown. It’s an experience that their family did not go through and they are the first one to experience it. Parents know nothing about college. Although it’s a new experience it builds up a lot of pressure for the first generation college students because their family excepts you to do well and make them proud. In a recent interview I did with a fellow classmate, Carmen Li, she talks about how “Going to college is not only the dream of my parents but also mine as well. I want to be a useful person and find a good career to support my family. I don 't want to live in the box under the bridge.” Many first generations can agree with what she said because no parents want their children to be living in a box under the bridge. Parents have high expectations for their children to succeed. It would be ashamed if they fail their expectation and end up sleeping on the street. Parents did not get the chance to go to college, and they don 't want their own children to miss the opportunity to succeed. In a New York…show more content…
Although one might say attending college is a good thing, it can also be a bad thing. Parents can be proud of their kids for going to college, but some think college is not worth the time and benefits. Parents work really hard for this money and what happens if the student fails and drop out from college. What happens if you don’t do well in college and you don’t get a degree. Some parents think earning a college degree is useless especially if they are paying for your tuition. It’s a risk to take. Is the tuition worth the job? Families of first-generation students sometimes discourage them from going to college because college is not worth the money and time. This can lead to discouragement and alienation from family support. It makes the first generation college student question whether college is the right choice for them or
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