Importance Of Gratitude Essay

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Gratitude has been described as ‘the parent of all virtues.’ It’s the state of feeling or being thankful. I’m sure we can remember a time when we expressed real gratitude for a gift or help we’ve received. We should all be able to find something to be grateful for. Family, friends, our health, our minds, our emotions, the world we live in, nature’s beauty, and my personal favorites good books and smart phones. I believe that just saying thank you whenever it’s earned is a big step. It’s a small thing to do but can have a huge impact on the one who receives it. There are many benefits we can gain from gratitude. Emotional benefits include feeling good and being more relaxed, being more resilient, and feeling less envious of others. The Personal benefits are that we become less materialistic, more optimistic, and less self-centered and we have increased self-esteem. Social benefits mean that we’re kinder,…show more content…
Expressing emotion can be an indicator of intimacy with others as its part of open communication and dialogue. We can open up much more to someone we’re close to, but we need to beware of abusing that trust! Summary of emotional self-awareness In summary, I’ll end this section with some positive actions we can take to help us manage our emotions and help with our journey to self-awareness. Some of them are very general, but you may just find that they work. Regular exercise. (Not again!) This releases reward and pleasure chemicals in the brain, which make us feel better. Being fit also makes us healthier, which helps in managing emotions. Being kind to others. Because thinking of others helps us stop worrying about ourselves. Be open and accept whatever happens to us. We should learn to appreciate what’s happening and always avoid criticism of others or situations. Communicate well. We can spend time with other people and enjoy their company and be open and honest in expressing our

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