Benefits Of Green Tea

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Green tea is a kind tea that is made from tea leaves called “Camellia sinensis leaves”. Even there are many different types of green tea, but the overall of the type of the green tea is so similar to each other very much. By the way there are some several pros and cons of drinking the green tea in our daily life. For the advantage of drinking the green tea, it can divide for the benefits of drinking the green tea to the big three case of it. First, it can prevent the cancer cells in the body. Based on many countries such as Japan or China, that they always drink the green tea normally in their daily life, they have the lower number of people who have an incidence of heart disease and cancer disease. Because of the substance in the green tea leaves can detoxify a dangerous chemicals in our body, so it is good for our health very much. Second, it’s good for dieting and healthy person. By drinking pure greed tea from good green tea leaves, it can limit the amount of the sugar in the blood vessels. Also it can help us to decrease the level of diabetes in our body. Moreover, the substance in the green tea leaves can burn the calories and eliminating accumulated of our body fats. Third, the cost of green tea is cheap but high in the quality. Because in the present, we can find green tea very easy in the shop such as 7-eleven, Tesco Lotus, or even normal department store which that make the different brands of green tea have to competitive for each brand all time to sell their

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