Group Counseling Has More To Offer Than Individual Counseling

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I agree to a certain extent that group counseling has more to offer than individual counseling. Not everyone is suitable for group counseling or individual counseling (Corey,2008 and Yalom, 2005). Group counseling however has many different benefits that I consider has more to offer. It could provide group support for the members who are affecting as they are not totally alone in the situation that they are facing. It is also effective as they provide a greater help and feedback. Other reasons for using group counseling is that “the feeling of commonality, the experience of belonging, the chance to practice new behaviors, the opportunity for feedback, the opportunity for vicarious learning by listening and observing others, the approximation…show more content…
It helps members and clients to help themselves and others (Moore,2009). To understand a rational thought from an irrational thought is not easy in the beginning. However, with practice and helping others would make them see a better picture. It also helps members and client’s to think positively and more rationally in the future. In addition, not all individual are familiarized with the ABC model. Some may think that it does not help them in their daily lives and some may think it does. The achievement may be subjective to each individual. Despite the limitation, REBT is proven to be one of the best therapies out of the others.…show more content…
However in individual counseling, the client would not get much feedback or comments from other members only from the counselor. The client would need to be responsible in having to commit his/her self to the therapy sessions and to make an effort in wanting to change their beliefs. If the client is not commited in wanting to change for the better, therapy group does not help and he/she will only disrupt the session and waste the counselor time. This applies for both individual and group counseling. Individual sessions may not seem as interesting and engaging as group counseling sessions. As for individual therapy sessions, the sessions are quiet and safe and secure for the client to share. Some client’s would not like to be in a group to share their problems with others. Some client would like to be in a group counseling session to hear feedback and stories from other members to learn and grow from it. Group counseling is structured in a way that it is a big group, no privacy, everything is being shared openly and it is cheap. It can be an open or closed group depending on the type of group. Not forgetting it is fun and exciting as it has the best benefits for support and sharing with each other ideas and thoughts (Johns,

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