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Diet food
Diet food means any food or drink whose formula has been changed in some way to build it part of a body modification diet. These foods are intended usually to help in weight loss though bodybuilding accessories are designed to assist in gaining muscle or weight.
Besides diet, other words are used to name and identify these foods including zero calorie, low calorie, light, sugar free, low fat and no fat.

Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet helps to improve or maintain overall health.
A healthy diet renders the body with essential fluid, nutrition, adequate necessary amino acids from fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and enough calories. The demands for a healthy diet can be met from both plant and animal based foods. A healthy diet affirms energy needs and renders for human nutrition without any excessive weight gain from having excessive amounts. A properly balanced diet is thought to be more important for getting
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It will help to cut down the body fat and thereby helps in pushing higher levels of testosteron. Apart from helping losing weight, Carrot juices will help in improving body’s self defense mechanism.
Beet-Root Juice
Beetroot juice is another essential vegetable juice which will help in weight loss. It contains full of nutrients and no fat or cholesterol. It helps you to burn calories while exercising. It has good fiber content and nutrients that will make you feel full for whole day. Drinking beetroot juice everyday morning will help you providing with the essential soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.
Cabbage Juice
Cabbage is highly effective and contains very low calories. Cabbage juice is highly good for people who are looking for quick weight loss. It also helps in encouraging the self defense mechanism in the body. It will help in cutting down the craving towards sugary or salty foods. Take this juice any time before or after meals.

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