Benefits Of Herbal Cosmetics

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The cosmetic is derived from a Greek word “kosm tikos” which means having the skill and power in decorating. The man from ancient time has always developed a magical tip to impress others with their looks and appearance. Herbal cosmetics are here in referred as products that are formulated using various herbal ingredients and used to provide the defined cosmetic benefit. The skin diseases are very common in people of all age groups which may be due to the exposure towards microbes, chemical agents and biological toxin present in the environment and also to some extent because of malnutrition. So people are more concerned about their health while using chemical based cosmetic product. The science Ayurveda has used many herbs for developing…show more content…
When compared to non-herbal cosmetics, it has essentially most of the similarities and the difference would be like on the effectiveness and skin care without any side effects. Herbal cosmetic minimizes the irritancy and sensitivity reaction because of its good quality. The physical evaluation parameter may include the color, smell, net content and any form of physical content. Earlier in formulating cosmetics, non-herbal or chemical contents were used. But now herbal cosmetic is gaining more acceptance due to its various advantages. Indian are being more beauty conscious and the usage of cosmetics has been in increasing rate from year to year. The cosmetic market mainly consists of five segments that is skin care, Hair care, oral care, fragrance and color cosmetic. Hair care accounts for the larger market share. Indian used to import a larger share of cosmetics from foreign…show more content…
As per (Kotler & Armstrong, 2005) anything that can be used, attracted, acquired attention or consumed to satisfy the need or desire is called as a product. Product is an important element in marketing mix and if managed properly can meet the organizational goals and thereby the needs of the customer. The quality of the product can always be determined by the market share, cost effective, return of investment, usage experience and many other criteria. Product characteristics or the attributes are that identify the product to the market, company and the consumer.
The product attributes play an important role on understanding the decision rule in consumer purchase decisions. Consumer further more evaluate a product based on its characteristics or attributes. Researches explains that consumer make selection of the various product characteristics based on the alternatives or based on the set of choices based on very complex to simple procedures (Blackwell, P.W., & Engel, 2006). For understanding the consumer behavior based on the decision rule, the compulsory rule is where the consumer evaluates all the relevant attributes of the product (Schiffman & Knauk, 2007) (Hawkins & Coney,

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