Benefits Of Home Schooling

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Issac Lee Ka Kiu SID: 54388498 UE Argumentative Writing T17 Home Schooling Is Not Good For Neither Child nor Society Being as a primary and secondary student, school child has a regular routine, which you may also had experienced it before. Wake up early in the morning; wear your uniform; spend eight hours in the school; do the homework when you back to home and end your day with tomorrow as another cycle. Have you ever felt bored in this kind of flat life? Have you ever thought of having lesson under self- planned schedule? What you are thinking is not an unrealistic dream. It is what really practicing in some cities, such as New York and Hong Kong, and it is called “home schooling”. Despite it sounds to be a gorgeous idea to students, home schooling should not be widely supported in Hong Kong as it has no benefits under any circumstances. While there are only 25 cases having their learning mode of home schooling in Hong Kong (data from Education Bureau, 2014), so what exactly does home schooling mean and is that illegal in Hong Kong? In Virtual Charter Schools and Home Schooling, Klevin, C. (2006, p.4) defines home-school as “the majority of the learning process (75%) is under the supervision of the parents” whilst in Educating Your Child At Home, Lowe, J. and Tomas, A. (2002, p. 9) tried to categorized the differences between home school and school education is that home schooling does not have planning for delivery of the curriculum but focuses more on
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