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Healing Therapy of Homeopathy
Homeopathy can be understood as a natural form of medicine used by many people in the world to treat both severe and chronic conditions. According to Dr Josh Axe (2016), homeopathy is an alternative healing practice that makes use of the least thinkable amount of an effective ingredient in order to help treat an illness. Even though, the same element can have an impact on an illness in the first place.
The history of homeopathy:
According to Dana Ulman (1991), Homeopathy became very well known in Europe and the United States back in the early 1800s and some of the strongest believers included European royalty, entrepreneurs, and leaders in religious environments.
The creation of homeopathy dates all the way back
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There was a survey conducted by Global TGI in 2008 which found that 15% of the population of Britain believed in homeopathy.
Research brought forward by market research analyst Mintel estimates that U.S. retail trades of homeopathic and herbal remedies went to $6.4 billion in 2012, up by almost 3% from 2011, which means the market increased by 16% over the past five years. Mintel anticipates that demand will continue to increase over the next few years and by 2017 sales are expected to reach $7.5 billion as more Americans will become active about their health and the availability of these medicines.
In India homeopathy is one of the many popular methods of medicine. Presently there are over 200,000 recorded homeopathic practitioners which 215 are homeopathic hospitals and 7,000 homeopathic dispensaries. (British Homeopathic Association: 2015)
Participants’ understandings:
The medical advisor I interview who would like to remain anonymous gave me a clear understanding to the homeopathic movement. Certainly does correlate with some of the literature I
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to suit a local culture, especially through the use of more indigenous people or in this case raw material. Also known the ability to manufacture a product, or supply a service individually, within a country instead of depending on foreign manufactures.
Medical Pluralism (the existence of multiple healing systems and options within a society (Pool and Gessier: 2005:39) is a good way to describe the understanding of homeopathy and other medical treatments within a society.
I learned a lot from this experience. I was never aware of homeopathic treatment. I found it very interesting that natural materials from earth that God gave us are turned into healing methods with no poisoning substances and are not addictive. Just because I don't really fully understand how Homeopathy works, I simply cannot just dismiss it. I grew up making use of over the counter medication and they have never disappointed or made me sick.
What I picked up is that homeopathy has no scientific foundation and is totally dependent on a spiritual understanding of the individuals and illness.
It might not cure cancer but maybe in the near future it might surprise

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