Summary: The Benefits Of Illegal Immigration

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The ongoing debate about whether illegal immigrants are a benefit or a burden to America’s economy has been controversial nationwide. While some may believe that illegal immigrants steal jobs, in reality, they fill in jobs throughout key sectors as a result of their willingness to perform arduous, manual labor that many native-born Americans are reluctant to do. Even though illegal immigration has its flaws, the benefits outweigh the costs as it proves to not be a burden to the U.S. economy. Illegal immigrants are necessary to the health of our economy. According to Stephen Goss, undocumented immigrants aid economic growth since they contribute to Social Security by an estimate of $15 billion dollars through payroll taxes. Contrariwise,…show more content…
For example, the website “17x online” shows “the border is a disaster, Bill. People are pouring in, and I mean illegal people, illegal immigrants. 300 hundred and some odd thousand are in your state jails right now, according to Homeland Security,” (17x thousand). This is about illegals pouring into America and going straight into our jails, but that’s because of President Trump makes it seem immigrants do wrong in the country but immigrants are just trying to make a living. Those who point to the economic burden brought on by illegal immigrants tend to overlook the daily costs, such as higher prices for homes, groceries and basic services, that each of us would incur without their everyday…show more content…
Illegal immigration has aided the nation’s economic growth by allowing businesses to prosper as the illegal immigrants have provided cheap labor and long hours of hard work. Businesses are not providing insurance both medical and retirement plans for their illegal workers. This results in a lower production cost for the companies and lower prices of goods and services for everyone. Despite the fact that illegal immigrants may not contribute directly to the economy in the aspect of paying taxes like income tax, they contribute to the economy in the form of sales taxes. They do this by purchasing the supplies they need in the same way native citizens or legal immigrants do in order to survive. With the leftover money, businesses are then able to hire more people and therefore create more jobs. In conclusion, illegal immigrants bring many benefits such as allowing the U.S. to keep our farms running for working at a low cost, our economy, high by keeping money in circulation, and by doing jobs that most Americans won’t do due to the hard labor and low
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