Benefits Of Immigration In The United States

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Immigration in the United States has been a hot topic since its inception in 1776. Today is no different. Every election more and more candidates are discussing and using immigration as a main topic for their platform, but regardless of how much it gets brought up very little has been changed regarding immigration in the United States. This is a gross oversight of an untapped resource that could have profound benefits to the American people and the world. The increased number of people in the workforce, the increased amount of people spending money and taking out loans, and the increased tax revenue are just a few major benefits that more lenient immigration laws would introduce to the United States. One argument against immigration claims that, if everybody is highly educated then nobody is highly educated (Levitt 115). Something that comes up once in a while is the idea that the investment into your education could just lead to you getting a minimum wage job at McDonalds. This is due to the fact that the amount of populace that has attended higher education is too high in comparison to the amount of people who haven’t and are willing to work lower jobs.…show more content…
Although most of these immigrants have not received the benefits of higher education some have. Immigrants dominate the sector of adults in California with less than a high school education, accounting for 73% of this low-education population (Johnson 1). It could easily be argued that if immigration laws are not done completely correct or if there’s an imbalance in the education levels of immigrants that it could make matters worse. More competition for lower jobs could sharply increase the competitiveness in the entry level job sector. This could put a considerable amount of strain on a part of the population that is already having

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