Benefits Of Immigration Reform

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Why we should have an immigration reform?
Most people don’t really put attention to the benefits of an immigration reform or think that one is needed because they don’t think it will affect them in any way because they are already citizens, but an immigration reform can help everyone in the United States. “Just 5 percent of Americans listed immigration as the most important problem facing the country in response to an open-ended question” (Benac). The immigration reform should become one of the things we should focus on because about 12 million people can benefit from this reform, however it’s not only the immigrants who would benefit from the immigration reform this would help out many businesses out there that depend on immigrants for labor.
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This study also showed that the immigrants started investing more into the economy which helped the economy grow. This just shows how the immigration reform benefits the whole nation. Also the money they would have to pay to become citizens, which according to ABC news in some cases can cost up to $15,000, would help fund the rest of the programs mentioned in the reform. The immigration reform would also improve the natural current naturalization process. It would revised the current naturalization test, and make new one that would focus on the American democracy, U.S. History and what is expected of a U.S. citizen. It would also create a website that would help the immigrants learn or improve their English skills, therefore ensuring that they have Basic English skills when becoming citizens. Included in the immigration reform are laws that require employers to go through some steps before hiring a person, this will help ensure that all the workers employed are legal. Therefore, it will become harder for employers to employ illegal immigrants, also the fines for hiring illegal immigrants will be increased. Employers will be investigated more often and they will have to start…show more content…
Most of these immigrant’s rights are violated by their employers due to that the immigrants are not informed of them or that they’re afraid to report the violation due to their fear of being sent back to their countries. “If employers can hire illegal immigrants who fear the authorities and therefore cannot call on them to enforce minimum-wage and other labor laws, those laws lose much of their efficacy in protecting citizens as well” (Starr). Most of those employers pay the illegal immigrants under the table if the illegal immigrants are granted amnesty they will be able to be paid legally, therefore there will be more people contributing to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and more tax money. As a country built and founded by immigrants we should be able to accept other people into our country. We should let others have a true chance at the “American dream”. These immigrants will contribute to the diversity that the United States is known for, and they will introduce new beliefs and ideas to our society. It will also benefit the children of illegal immigrants, that way they don’t have to worry about their parents being deported back to their countries and their families having to be divided. The immigration reform would also let many people whose countries are at war or are frightened to live in their own country because of their government and seek
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