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Inclusion Dale Sandfrey Brandman University: EDUU 511 February 12, 2018 Inclusion Every teacher looks for an edge when trying to educate their student. Inclusion gives that teacher an edge. When dealing with students with different abilities, it opens doors that can create excitement inside a classroom. Although inclusion is guaranteed by law, the use of its benefits outweigh the concerns of an uninformed majority. Inclusion is a term use to integrate general education students with students who have learning disabilities. This allows student to learn in a least restrictive environment with without prejudice and be treated the same as other students. Student differ in all manners of life. With inclusion, it does not matter if…show more content…
Students who are not used to seeing, working and talking to students with disabilities would feel very uncomfortable. Some could argue, is this the least restrictive environment for those students? Do they not have the same right to learn? The answer is yes, but all students have a right to learn. These disabled students take away from the normal students receiving the teachers help. They build up a resistances of tolerance toward the disabled student or why does that disable student get a person to do their work for them? These are valid points. Because we live in a society of laws, all student must be given the same rights to learn even if there is an uncomfortable feeling. That lack comfortably will turn to comfort once they see that these student have similar wants and needs. Every student in school wants friendship. Every student needs to learn the basic to perform in a world that is ever changing. Even though students feel the difference on the front lines, “many advocates (primarily parents) for those with learning disabilities also have significant concerns about the wholesale move toward inclusion. Their concerns stem from the fact that they have had to fight long and hard for appropriate services and programs for their children.” (AIR, 2015) Inclusion is not an easy pill to swallow for many people. Parents have to worry about services (IEP provided) and how their child will be treated once place inside a general education classroom by other

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