Disadvantages Of Inquiry Based Learning

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Inquiry-based learning is not a practice or technique, but it is a process that is known for its potential, which increases the engagement of understanding of many learners. This urges them to develop communication skills, using knowledge outside of the classroom, problem solving and creating solutions that reflect on real life situations, and participating in the developing process of creating ideas and gaining knowledge. In an instructional setting, inquiry-based learning can give instructors the opportunity to allow students to fully explore problems and scenarios, so that they can learn from not only the results, but also the process itself (Pappas, 2014, para.6). The students are then being encouraged to ask several questions and explore…show more content…
However, this specific century tries to improve e-learning since technology is merging in with the content and material. There are several ways to improve e-learning courses, but a good one is using less of the expository approach. Development of the times made new demands for education, the traditional teaching methods can't meet the needs of the students for knowledge; inquiry learning is used as a new way to introduce education into teaching them (He, 2011, para.1). This type of learning is what our students expect, which allows the courses to present a type of generalization that follows concepts and principles, which allows them to rely on many examples. While we focus on this specific quest for hasty development and creation, inquiry-based learning needs to be reduced when it is being compared to the discovery of student learning possibility and a virtual classroom environment. Even though this specific approach can be reduced, it allows adult learners to become self-directed and have full control with how they learn. The expository can verse inquiry-based learning, but in the long run they both still can work together as a team and make student education worth happening here in the 21st…show more content…
All the content that is provided can be focused on head on statements, which creates a more passive experience for the students. This is important because the students can take on more knowledge that they have learned and utilize it into cognitive structures during the learning process. The inquiry-based approach invites students to ask questions and design a successful PowerPoint with guidance and motivation. While students can work on the context of their presentation, it brings them questioning their creation and how it is becoming a learning experience for them. The learner can take on information and build knowledge out of it by applying it with comparison and contrasting during the evaluation period of learning the information by questioning. The cognitive tasks that can take play may increase memory. This strategy can show some respect for the student's

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