Benefits Of Interprofessional Teamwork In Healthcare

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Interprofessional teamwork is a trending topic that has become popular in the healthcare field over the last several years. Interprofessional teamwork refers to the cooperation, coordination, and collaboration expected among members of different professions in delivering patient-centered care collectively (Eggenberger, Sherman, & Keller, 2014, para. 1). Its popularity has rose due to the many benefits its yields to the healthcare profession. These benefits include improving communications among disciplines, improving patient outcomes, and decreasing medical errors. I will discuss what effect interprofessional teamwork has on healthcare, and why this topic is important to nursing. Interprofessional teamwork effects healthcare in various ways. It mainly provides a system that allows several distinct individuals to come together and work collectively to improve how we care for patients. It is important because in the healthcare field one of our main goals is to treat and care for our patients holistically. If the objective is…show more content…
Great patient outcomes should be the main focus throughout the healthcare system. Nowhere are the stakes higher than in health care, where good patient outcomes hinge on team synergy and interdependence (Eggenberger et al., 2014, para. 3). When working as a team each person involved in the patients care provides their expertise. By coming together each and every aspect of the patient care is reviewed and the appropriate care plan is implemented. As discussed earlier, this form of teamwork improves communication amongst the different disciplinary team members which cultivates better outcomes for the patients. This is another important effect it has on healthcare. It is important to nursing because nurses are on the frontline facilitating bedside care and working hand to hand which each disciplinary team member to provide the best care

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