Benefits Of Learning A Foreign Language

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Language has been used since the beginning of mankind and is an important factor of communication today. Everyone uses language, even if it is not with words. Language is a way for human beings to express themselves and to communicate. After people formed different languages and populations increased, some methods of communication stood out more than others. Chinese, Spanish, and English were the most used languages in 2017 according to These languages have developed to be the most used because of humans teaching each new generation. Language has become a big part of human life, students and adults are learning other languages as we speak. As the world changes we must realize that becoming more global citizens will not only benefit in health and business but also socially understanding others. So the question is, Should it be mandatory for all students to learn a foreign language? I believe learning a new language provides many benefits not many schools tell their students. When it comes to learning a new language, there is also learning the language’s culture. A language is a basic part of another person’s culture; its a way of communication among the people. According to Dan Roitman in the Huffington Post, “As a language learner, you 'll not only become a more conscious thinker and listener who can communicate clearly and think creatively, but you 'll also gain the most significant benefit of multilingualism: a broader, more global perspective.” Teaching
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