Benefits Of Learning A Second Language Essay

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Why taking a second language can be helpful

Learning a second language has many lifelong beneficial other than just understanding the language itself, mainly if learned at a young age. Learning a second language can be done more efficiently as a young kid, and can open up many doors for later in life while being mentally advanced. When it comes to learning a second language, the younger you start the easier you will begin to learn your second language. Younger brains learn much easier than older brains because the brain is designed for language learning to take place between birth and adolescence (the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child into an adult). The brain is much more accepting
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Studies have shown that people begin to lose the ability to reproduce new sounds by the ages of 8 to 12 so that they would never be able to mimic exactly some of the sounds and accents of other languages. Learning the language younger can avoid this issue and allow children to sound just as good as native speakers when speaking a language. Now instead of talking about when you should learn another language, so let 's talk about why you should learn another language.

There are plenty of good reasons for why you should learn a second language. One of the most common reasons is to be able to visit foreign cultures and understand them. I think that this one could be a good reason for a lot of people who like to travel outside of the country. Another good reason for learning a foreign language is people who have learned a foreign language, when applying for a job are more likely to get the job than the person that didn’t learn a foreign language. Be more employable, knowing a foreign language can make you a useful resource for most businesses, and it helps you stand out from a crowd of job applicants. Build job skills, In the global economy,
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